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Welcome to 805 Premier Auctions. Estate sale company in San Luis Obispo county. Servicing all of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara counties and beyond.

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Estate sales-Sell with us today

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Estate sale and business liquidation clients, real estate brokers, probate and elder law attorneys, senior move specialist and retirement communities continually return to 805 Premier Auctions.
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What can we sell?

At 805 Premier Auctions, our online platform allows us to reach a broader audience, which enables us to find a new home for practically everything. On average we have a 98% sell through, as opposed to traditional sales that tend to lack the exposure to clear the entire contents. We group and liquidate even the most modest value items. Avoiding the excessive cost of disposal and increasing your overall gain.

Have just a few items to sell?

We can assist in the liquidation of your partial estate, business or small collection as well. Often times we can arrange for these items to be placed in an upcoming sale. Every client and liquidation situation are unique, and our team will tailor a solution just for you. From antiques and collectibles to coins, cars, and museum pieces we've sold it all.

How long does it take?

A typical estate sale from preparation to closing takes just two weeks. Urgent situations can be completed with ease in less than one week. Settlement payments of net proceeds and itemized selling reports are issued within 14 days of closing.

How does it work?

At 805 Premier Auctions we fully understand that downsizing is stressful enough. Whether you've just lost a loved one, sold the house, or are simply downsizing, you owe it to your self to let our trained and knowledgeable staff handle your liquidation needs so you can rest easy. Our full-service business model executes every aspect of your liquidation flawlessly allowing for a seamless transition.

Steps in our simplified process:

  • Contact 805 Premier Auctions and schedule your free and 100% confidential consultation.
  • Sign auction consignment contract.
  • 805 Premier Auctions begins preparation of your sale (sort, organize, catalogue, photograph, upload, advertise).
  • Your sale goes live for 7-14 days, where bidders and buyers can participate globally. 805 Premier auctions handles all aspects of your sale including payment, pick-up, and shipping services.
  • Settlement of net proceeds are paid within 14 days of the close of the sale.
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After signing an auction consignment contract, 805 Premier Auctions will begin working with you to schedule the steps in your liquidation process. Our team of courteous professionals will sort and organize the entire contents of your home, often time in just one day. Larger homes filled with treasures from years of accumulation may take longer. Once we have identified the items to be sold and have clearly separated them, we will begin organizing them into appropriate lots that will attract the most bids.

Catalogue and Photograph

Lights, camera...Action! In addition to sorting and organizing the estate, we will begin cataloging and photographing the contents. A picture is worth a thousand words. No truer than when selling online, we use high definition photography and additional lighting if needed to ensure your items are well represented and that our buyers can clearly see the value.


Sell with us today

Upload to our innovative bidding platform

At the conclusion of cataloging, our team transforms the quick notes and measurements into detailed descriptions with multiple high-quality photographs for each lot. Once all items have been uploaded and carefully reviewed by our experts the auction is ready to begin.

Auction goes live

In most cases marketing has all ready begun on your sale prior to it going live. We often post preview photos on social media to engage bidders on the upcoming sale. Once your sale goes live we send notice to our extensive email list of bidders, buyers, collectors, and dealers. Your sale is marketed through many advertising platforms specific to estate sales and auctions, as well as through social media. You will be able to share your sale through social media or email with your friends and family. Typically, we open our sales to competitive bidding for 7-14 days, this allows ample time for exposure. With a traditional estate sale or live auction the seller limits the customer base to who can show up on that particular day. Many factors can play a role in the poor attendance of these "traditional" sales, including the weather, other sales, and busy schedules. 805 Premier Auctions have revolutionized the process by creating a platform where bidders and buyers can bid from the comfort of their own home or on the go from any mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Preview day

We offer an optional preview day, where 805 Premier Auctions will host an appointment based window of opportunity for registered bidders to get a in person preview prior to placing their final bids. In most cases our high-quality photographs and detailed descriptions allow our bidders to bid with the utmost confidence. Occasionally high value items, such as vehicles or art are deserving of an in person visit.

Auction staggered soft close

805 Premier Auctions utilizes a staggered soft close. The final hour is when the real bidding takes place. You will see a dramatic rise in bid amounts as the timer associated with each item approaches the closing. Your items will end at a rate of 3 items per minute. Any item that receives a bid in the final two minutes prior to its ending will be auto-extended by 5 minutes. This process will continue until no bids have been received in the final 2 minutes. This process allows us to closely simulate a live auction. Once all items have ended an invoice will be emailed to each bidder alerting them of their winning items. This invoice will contain the address of the estate where the items are to be picked up. With your security and well-being in mind, we only release the address to those who have made a purchase. When each bidder registers with 805 Premier Auctions they must provide a valid credit card, in the unlikely event the bidder does not show to the predetermined pick up time, their credit card on file will be charged the full invoice amount as to not delay the settlement process.

Is there a reserve bid?

805 Premier Auctions starts the bidding at $1.00. We do not utilize the use of reserves or minimums. Low starting bids increase traffic to your items, in turn this increase in bidders escalates the final sale price. By engaging bidders early in the sale with $1.00 bids you increase the number of bids, as well as bidders. This ultimately raises the ceiling on final bids achieved. Auction psychology has proven this method to be the most successful course of action. On average, our sales result in higher overall net proceeds as compared to traditional formats.

Auction pick up day

Each 805 Premier Auctions sale has a predetermined pick up day and time window. Our team of highly trained, insured professionals will remove the items from the home. This step greatly reduces liability and foot traffic in the home. Our team is effectively managed with the highest level of integrity and your best interest is always our number one priority. Your property will be left clean and broom swept.

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Sell with us today


Within 14 days of the auction close, 805 Premier Auctions will send you an itemized settlement including a check or direct deposit of your net proceeds of the sale. There are no hidden fees, we offer a very competitive commission, less than industry average. Any fees for requested additional services such as debris removal or cleaning services will be clearly defined in the contract.


What if my items don't sell?

In most cases, using our format, nearly all items are sold. In the event some lesser value items failed to receive a bid, we can arrange donation to a local charity and obtain a tax right off for you. If the property contains unwanted debris or items that were deemed unsalable we offer disposal services to empty the property.


Our service is second to none, we have a large following of clients and bidders who have never been happier. Contact us today to start the simplified process of liquidating your estate or business.

Offering business liquidation and estate sales in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara counties and beyond!

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